Bullying is a Crime


I did that too.
Most people I know did that in their high school time.
I bullied one time because I was bullied many times before.
It was a sin I could never forget.
Everything I feel ’til now is beyond sorry and regret.
Bullying is a crime.
Calling Phoebe Prince “Irish whore” just because she dated the most wanted football player and later on she was found dead by hanging herself, is a crime.
Calling Sri Mulyani “Maling” when she already served and saved this country countless time, is a crime.
School bully. Political bully. Even politicans now learn how to bully because it’s the shortest way to achieve their nasty goals.

What makes it a crime?
It’s not because bullying results with dealing with the cops later.
It’s a crime because you already know in heart it’s a cruel thing to do.
It’s a crime because you violate other people’s rights and you justify the act.

So if you bully now, stop.
Stop before it becomes your life habit, and everything becomes eventually too late.

If your junior is prettier than you, let her be.
If you think your mate is not a macho, don’t push him to be someone he’s not.
Accept people the way they accept you.

And support the good ones.


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  1. miranda

    kak, this is the first time i read your blog. and it’s sooo awesome, especially this one 🙂 keep on writing kaaak i’m waiting for nara hanafiah’s story. 🙂