Levi’s CurveID: 2010 Fashion Innovation


Levi’s got me amazed!

A week ago I got invited to Levi’s CurveID launch at FX Senayan. A bit skeptical at first, I was like,”Oh, maybe it’s just another fancy launching party,” and expected not much of “fashion innovation” happening there. Talk show, checked. Fashion show, checked. Band performance, checked. Door prize, checked. But, TA-DAA!, when Levi’s specialist came up to the frontstage and measured “real people” (not models!) to try on the new CurveID jeans, I knew that these range of outfits would be totally kicking it!






We believe it’s about shape not size.

What’s CurveID? It’s a new line of custom fit jeans made to fit the curve of woman’s body. The measurement is based on shape, not size, and it’s created as a result of studying more than 60,000 woman body scans around the world! Can you imagine how universal is that?

CurveID jeans have 3 distinct custom fits: Slight Curve (for straight figures), Demi Curve (for even proportions), and Bold Curve (for genuine curves). I didn’t get a chance to be measured during the launch so I did it unhurried yesterday in Pondok Indah Mall 2 Levi’s store. The Levi’s specialist told me that according to my shape, the best fit for me would be “Demi Curve”– the regular shape. I browsed their skinny jeans collection and immediately fell in love with Demi Curve Skinny – Vintage Dark (love the wash!).


But, always the curious head I am, I also tried the Bold Curve skinny collection and boy, the jeans looked baggy on my butt! 🙂

Besides the newly popular CurveID, I also spotted some cool collection of 501 Boyfriend Jeans (yes, for ladies only!). And by the way, did you know that this latest model of 501 for ladies was basically inspired by women in the West back in 1934 who wore their husband’s/brother’s Levi’s 501? Looks like Levi’s scores some significant fashion innovation in 2010.

And, ooh, one more thing… you can take this quiz to find your Levi’s CurveID before having yourself measured at the store. Are both matched? 😀


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  1. Interesting article. Love it kak! Been a fan of Levi’s all this year and I think this is the best thing ever innovated 😀