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A Bonus from BERITA KOTA Photo Shoot

After the profile shot taken, here’s the happy part: lots of snapshots with Harsya and Nara! I got a lot chubbier after giving birth to Nara. The temptation to get thin immediately is always there, but I know I have to take a slow diet in order to…

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What FIMELA said about me?

Bertolak belakang dengan latar belakang pendidikannya di bidang teknik, ternyata Sitta menyukai kegiatan yang berbau seni. After all this time, I guess that’s just me. Can’t resist my true calling 🙂 SOURCE: HTTP://WWW.FIMELA.COM/READ/2011/04/07/…

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Rocking KOMPAS!

Do they create similar clothes? I decide to post a clipping of my interview in July 11, 2010 KOMPAS after finding out my blouse similarity to LC’s in her latest candid photo.Cool, huh? Read full editorial here:…

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